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Lucy Farrimond Soprano. Photo by @OliviadaCostaPhoto

All Saints Chorus and Orchestra (John Cullen) - April 2024.

"Soprano Lucy Farrimond is a remarkable singer who displays a reliable and exceptional talent. With a voice that mesmerises audiences, she effortlessly navigates through a variety of classical genres with grace and precision. Her performances showcase her impeccable vocal range and control, leaving a lasting impression with her powerful and emotive performances."
Cameramen Lined Up
Lucy Farrimond at the BBC Proms 2018
Infine, c'è già una vertiginosa scelta di Proms tra cui scegliere su BBC Sounds, ma se non l'avessi capito, ascolta Haydn's Creation cantata dalle fresche voci del Proms Youth Choir, con Omer Meir Wellber, la BBC Philharmonic e alcuni forti solisti, tra cui la giovane Lucy Farrimond, che è uscita dal coro per unirsi ai principali nel loro Amen finale. Tale aplomb.


If you would like to support Lucy as she fundraises for future musical opportunities (including the release of a debut album!), a donation via PATREON would be greatly appreciated.


Per richieste di canto, composizione e insegnamento, visita la mia pagina dei contatti.

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